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You can use the resources provided here to teach Phonetics Segmentals / Symbols to children preparing for Spelling Bee exams:

videos, audio, Flash cards, Put It Up cards, Learn It and Say It tests are available for your child's convenient learning.

Phonetics Segmentals / Symbols : Video Library

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Phonetics Segmentals / Symbols : Audio

Proceed to Phonemic Reader. Click on each symbol to learn the sound it makes.

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MARRS Spelling Bee Pronunciation : Books

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marrs spellbee segmentals book
marrs spelling bee segmentals book
marrs spellbee segmentals book

 Phonetics Segmentals / Symbols : "Learn It" videos

Here the child can read word examples for phonemic symbols and learn.

 Phonetics Segmentals / Symbols : "Write-It Test"

Here is a test. Child needs to write the Phonetic Symbol for the red letters in each set of words that appear.

 Phonetics Segmentals / Symbols : "Say It" Tests

Here the child can test learning of phonemic symbols / segmentals. Use it for practice to improve.

Should you need any clarification / have any queries or have video to suggest
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Marrs Spelling Bee : Phonetic Symbols - Segmentals

Greetings to all spelling bee children and their parents !

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