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Here are some videos for children to learn 'Phonetic Symbols / Sounds - Segmentals'.

You may watch these videos in full screen.

Access to video is subject to youtube link being active.

You are advised to wear headphones for better audio and understanding of the sounds.

Please scroll down and understand each video. The appropriate ones may be identified by the parent / teacher. Same may be watched few times. Children of all ages can watch these without supervision.

Learn 'Phonetic Symbols / Sounds - Segmentals' : Videos

Video # 1

Phonetics Chart : Introduction

Video # 2

Phonetics : 44 Sounds make the Phonetic chart

Video # 3

Phonetic symbols : Hear the 44 sounds

Video # 4

Phonetics : A word example for each of the 44 sounds

Video # 5

Phonetics : Hear all the sounds again.

Video # 6

Phonetics: Word examples for each of the 44 sounds

You may have a look at the following videos as well.

Video # 7


Video # 8

IPA Combination Vowel Sounds / Dipthongs

Video # 9

IPA Consonants

If you wish to share any relevant video on the topic do let us know.

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phonics phonetic symbols sounds segmentals teach kids

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