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Start Phonics 'home-teach' now and see a marked difference in your child,
within a month !

Teaching resources include - videos, audios, workbooks, cards etc

This Phonics 'home-teach' course has 'Levels'.

Phonics topics covered are : Phonics sounds, Letter sounds (& writing), Phonics Blending, Sight words (& high frequency words), Rhyming words, Vowel sounds - short and long, Blends - starting and ending, Silent letter in words, Advanced sounds, Compound words and Phonics Symbols - Segmentals.

Your child will get from us a "Phonics Kid Certificate" after successful completion of each Level. It will be signed by you (child's mother-my-teacher) and us. Once your child completes a Level write to us with details at phonicsindia@gmail.com . We will then guide you on the procedure to get the certificate.

Before starting to teach any level to your child, we suggest you TALK TO US FIRST
- to understand the contents etc so that you can teach your child effectively. To TALK TO US FIRST send a 'request for appointment' mail at phonicsindia@gmail.com NOW.

You may write to seek guidance through out your 'home-teaching'.


Phonics classes lessons in Bangalore Bengaluru India

If you find these Phonics resources useful then PLEASE share with at least '1 MOTHER' of a young child ... thanks in anticipation.

Access to all the 12 levels / topics is currently free for ALL in ALL countries.

When you click on the red / blue box for concerned Level / Topic, an empty box will appear asking to Enter ACCESS CODE.
Type PATI in the box and then click on submit button to proceed.
You must type PATI in upper case / capital letters only.

For any assistance contact us at phonicsindia@gmail.com .

Level 1 : Phonics Sounds (& Letter Sounds-Writing)

Level 2 : Phonics Blending

Level 3 : Rhyming Words

Level 4 : Sight Words (& High Frequency Words)

Level 9 : Silent Letter in Words

Level 10 : Advanced sounds

Level 11 : Phonetic Symbols/Sounds - Segmentals

Level 12 : Compound Words

The following 4 levels are available on request only.

Request can be made by ANY mother from ANY country ...
click on blue Level / Topic box to send request mail NOW.

Level 5 : Vowel sounds - Short

Level 6 : Vowel sounds - Long

Level 7 : Blends - Starting

Level 8 : Blends - Ending

If you find these Level-wise resources useful
then PLEASE SHARE with at least '1 MOTHER' of a young child
... THANKS in anticipation.

Videos : Kids must be encouraged to watch the videos repeatedly. They can watch on their own, after the first time. They may sing / say the video contents while they watch it.

Lesson activities : Need to be initially done under supervision of parent /teacher.
Once the child gets used to the lesson activites, child can do on its own.

Get your query clarifed now - we are just a click away.


Phonics classes lessons in Bangalore Bengaluru India

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