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Welcome to Mothers Corner
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You can now teach Alphabet Letters to your child at home with the resources made available here. Guidance is available for you - before and while you home-teach your child.
Feel free to send a mail - at anytime ... on any day ... from anywhere.

We intend to reach our learn-teach resources to 1 million mothers worldwide, in 2017.

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please share this web page with at least 1 more mother you know
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You can use the resources provided here to teach Alphabet Letters to your child :
videos, audio, workbooks, flash cards and Say-It tests are available for your child's convenient learning.

Your child, through this program, will learn to :

# recognise and read letters - capital as well as small letters
# sequence of letters
# sounds of letters
# 'read' and 'say' letters together
# write letters (regular /print style only)

Before starting to teach any level to your child, we suggest that you
- to understand the contents etc so that you can teach your child effectively.
To TALK TO US FIRST send a 'request for appointment' mail at phonicsindia@gmail.com NOW.

You may write to seek guidance through out your 'home-teaching'.


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Here are 5 levels / topics.

You are requested to Register First.

Access to each Alphabet LetterS level / topic is available for ALL in ALL countries.

When you click on the red / blue box for concerned Level / Topic, an empty box will appear asking to Enter ACCESS CODE.
Send email to us at phonicsindia@gmail.com to know how to get the ACCESS CODE.
Type the ACCESS CODE in the box and then click on submit button to proceed.

Level 1 : Letter Reading

Level 2 : Letter Sequence

Level 3 : Letter Sounds

Level 4 : Letter Reading & Sounds

Level 5 : Letter Writing

If you find these Level-wise resources useful
then PLEASE SHARE with at least '1 MOTHER' of a young child
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Note : Phonics eStore reserves the right to regret providing ACCESS CODE to certain individuals at its sole discretion. Codes for mulitple levels will not be provided together. Codes will be provided one at a time with time gap as deemed fit by Phonics eStore (only). Codes are subject to change and hence request may be repeated for a level (when it so happens) by an individual. All requesting for codes are requested to register.


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